What are the billing rates and fees for domestic, commercial and industrial accounts?

To view our current water & sewer rates, please click below:

Water rates

Sewer rates

How do I apply for water service?

To apply for water and/or sewer service, please call the CSJMA Office at 570-788-0608 and speak with the Billing Clerk.

Where does my water come from?

CSJMA has 4 wells that pull water from the an underground aquafer.  Water is treated at the well houses with the addition of chlorine as a purifier.

Where can I find my water meter?

Your water meter is located in your basement.  You can locate the digital meter reader on the outside of your house and the meter will be located in the same general vicinity in your basement.

When do I need to boil my water?

You only need to boil your water when there is an active Boil Advisory.  You can find active advisories on the Boil Advisory page of this site and a written notice will be taped to your front door.  If you would like to register your email to receive electronic public notices, please submit it here: LINK COMING SOON

How do I identify a toilet leak?

There are multiple ways to identify leaks in your home.  To see if your toilet is leaking, place a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank.  If any color gets into the bowl, your toilet is leaking.  Another way to determine if you have a leak is to look at your meter before you go to bed, or any period where you know there will not be water running, and write down the number on the meter.  When you check the meter at a later time before any water has been used, the number should not have changed.  If the number has gone up, you have determined there is a leak somewhere and you should contact your plumber to have the leak found and repaired.